Method of recording and reading information using molecular rotation

Patent No. 6,762,397

Issued: July 13, 2004
Filed: August 14, 2002
Based on Japanese application filed May 21, 2002
Inventor: Tomohide Takami and Ken-ichi Sugiura

Assignee:Visionarts, Inc.

The method of the present invention includes the steps of rotating a molecule having a predetermined structure by applying a first alternating current electromagnetic field to the molecule, wherein the first alternating current electromagnetic field is produced by an electromagnetic field generation means that is set to a predetermined phase, controlling a rotational phase of the molecule by applying a second electromagnetic field to the rotated molecule by an information recording means, detecting a signal using a signal detection means in accordance with a rotation of the molecule having the rotational phase which has been controlled, and outputting a shift between the phase of the first alternating current electromagnetic field and a phase of the detection signal from the signal detection means as information by an information reading means.